Silent Killers: Shame

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Silent Killers

John 10:10 says that the the devil comes “only to steal, kill, and destroy.” We can see that this is true just by looking around in our world today. We are surrounded by the threat of war all over the world, areas of the world that have extreme poverty and lack basic human essentials, and the violence in our nation today. All of these events and circumstances are evidence that the devil is out to destroy us. 

But not only does the devil attack on a global scale; he also attacks all of us on a personal level. Every day we wake up to a new threat to our minds and hearts.The devil is stealthy and his attacks against us are most often sneaky and silent. The result of those attacks are often anxiety, fear, shame, and depression. The scripture in John also says that Jesus has come to give us a full life. This full life means that we don’t have to succumb or be defeated by the devil’s attempts. Jesus has given us full authority and power to defeat the devil! In this plan, we will be focusing on the silent killer we call shame. We will focus on what shame is and how to equip ourselves against this silent attack of the devil. 

Action Step: Write a prayer asking God to reveal to you areas where the devil is attacking you personally. Find someone (a trusted friend, pastor, or leader) to pray with you about these areas in your life.