Grief Bites: Finding Treasure In Hardships

Loss. Trauma. Disappointment.

We all go through hardships in life...situations that take us by surprise...circumstances that attempt to keep us awake at night with worry, heartache, or despair.

A natural disaster. An unforeseen betrayal. A sudden illness. Finding out your spouse has been unfaithful and/or wants a divorce. A horrible car accident. Job loss. Loss of a home. Marital and family problems. Extended family and in-law difficulties and conflicts. Blended family challenges. A child's rebellion. Mental illness (yourself or a loved one). Divorce. Life struggles, difficulties, and PTSD from serving in the military. Assault. Abuse. Rejection. Financial devastation. Disabilities. Keeping your head above water as life tries to drown you.

The list of losses can go on and on...and even though they can be numerous, EACH situation is extremely painful to the one who is going through a heart-shattering situation at the present moment.

Sometimes the heartache from a past loss is so deep, that years later, life is still an ongoing struggle.

How can God bring healing in the midst of loss, trauma, and disappointment?
What about after the loss? What about when the event has passed...but you are still struggling with the shattered remnants of the aftermath?

Can God truly bring healing and restore a person's peace and joy?

What if your situation never changes? Can you still find the peace and joy..and the ability to live a good so desperately crave?

This Bible Reading Plan will seek to personally bring you to the heart of God during times of loss, life challenges, heartache, and grief.
As we look to what the Bible says about loss, trauma, and disappointments, I pray God speaks to your heart in a fresh, brand new, and life-giving way.

Life can be incredibly painful but God is the final authority in and over our lives. He has the ability to work mightily in our matter the situation.

The bad news is: there is an enemy who has stolen from you, killed your peace, joy, and life, and attempted to destroy your hope and faith.
The good news is: there is a loving God who wants to not only give you life...and bring you back to fully living life...but to also give you life abundantly.

The deeper you dive into finding God's heart and purpose, the greater He brings His ultimate good to the surface in your life.

Seek God's heart through every trauma, disappointment, and loss you face. You will find that He is very very good!