Eve's Daughters - Life Lessons From Women In Scripture: Part 2

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Potiphar's Wife

One of the best quotes from the movie, “Spiderman”, was Uncle Ben’s advice to Peter Parker: “With great power comes great responsibility”.  

That advice is pertinent for any one of us. We have been given our own “superpowers”, be it in the kitchen, raising children, being a helpmate to our spouse, or in the workplace. We were created to be an influence.  The question is: how are we using that influence?   

It’s a common theme in various women in the Old Testament including Abigail and Esther.  But this story offers a different perspective.

There is a woman in the Bible who used her position of power in a negative way.  It’s a sad story, but we can learn a few lessons from her.  She was the wife of Potiphar, who was the captain of the guard in Egypt.  Amazing role, wouldn’t you agree?  She had access to wealth, property, style, and status.  However, she didn’t have access to one thing:  Joseph, a well-built and handsome man, who oversaw her house.  Potiphar trusted Joseph with everything, and Potiphar’s wife knew that.  

She wanted the one thing she couldn’t have.  The Bible says that “day after day”, Potiphar’s wife pursued Joseph.  And day after day, Joseph refused.  He was not intimidated by her status or her position. He kept his moral ground.

Finally, Potiphar’s wife lies about Joseph, accusing him of assaulting her.  Because of this allegation, Joseph is imprisoned.  As we later find out, Joseph grew to a position of status after he was released, and God used him to save Israel from a terrible famine.  While Potiphar’s wife may have felt like she won when Joseph was thrown into prison, it was Joseph who was ultimately victorious.

What great things Potiphar’s wife could have accomplished if she had realized the responsibility she had as a woman of influence!  How are you using your influence today? Take a moment and examine your words, attitude, and actions.  Ask God to show you if you are using your position and influence to make a positive impact on the people around you.