Millennial Kingdom Leader


Removing Filters


The character of the leader becomes the spirit of the people. I'm so thankful that God doesn't appoint leadership as man does. It's human nature to promote appearance before character and aspiring leaders are aware of this human flaw. A filtered image, the creation of the B.B.D. (Bigger Better Deal) only leads to poisoning the people. 

Let Naaman's story construct our foundation for this plan. Naaman was filtered before Snapchat and Instagram. Here's a warrior and captain of the Syrian army who was highly regarded and respected. He had it all, or it appeared so to his followers whose value was placed on outside appearance such as Naaman's title, "captain of the army," and his prestige - all his medals, his servants, his house, and chariots. Yet those closest to him knew the image was hurting him more than helping - it was a mixture of pride and rejection that needed a solution. 

Naaman was a leper, and in the old testament leprosy represented a reflection of sin and the results of sin upon man and upon his relationship with God. A priest was to look at the leper, separate and isolate the leper from the community, and wherever the leper went, the leper was to cry out "unclean, unclean."

What if, as a leader in your church or in the marketplace, your filter was stripped and you had to cry out who you really were all day? "Prideful, prideful," "racist, racist," "double minded, double minded," "bitter, bitter," "rebellious, rebellious."

Filters do not last long, and to be transformational millennial kingdom leaders, we'll have to take inventory of our hearts, so our attitude doesn't become infectious and poisonous.