The Overwhelmed Challenge

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10 Things That Cause Stress

Actually, I am not sure if these cause stress in everyone, but I know these are the 10 most common things that cause stress in me.

1. The belief that I am in control of my life rather than knowing that HE is in control of EVERYTHING (including my life)!

2. When I do not trust the people who I delegate authority and responsibility to and actually begin to believe the lie that, “If I want something done right then I must do it myself.”

3. When I know without a doubt what God has told me to do but I begin to listen to the “experts” who tell me that the very thing God has told me to do is impossible.

4. When I try to explain myself to those who don’t really want an explanation; they just want to argue.

5. When I refuse to take some time to disconnect and rest, claiming that the devil never takes a day off while not understanding that the devil isn’t supposed to be my example.

6. When I begin to take on the “Messiah complex” and begin to think about how much I need to do and how Jesus needs me rather than how much I actually NEED HIM!

7. When I worry about results more than obedience!!!

8. When I focus on the size of the problem rather than the size of God!

9. When I fail to share my worries and concerns and admit my mistakes to others for fear that it may make me seem weak and stupid.  (The opposite is actually the case. Those around me actually love and respect me more when I ask for help!)

10. When I become unaware of HIS presence every single minute of my life!

Please remember and be encouraged that His plans are greater than any plans we could have for ourselves. So don’t worry, God’s got this.