Majestic: Devotions By Kari Jobe


Breathe On Us

It is a powerful thing to invite God to move and have His way in our lives, and to fill our hearts and churches with more of His presence. David prayed prayers of invitation all the time. For example, Psalm 86:16-17 says, “Turn to me and have mercy on me…give me a sign of your goodness...for you oh Lord have helped me and comforted me.” Our worship and praise always brings the presence of God because He enthrones Himself on our praise (see Psalm 22:3).

I also love to invite Him to renew me and fill me with His Spirit. John 20:22 says, “And when He had said this, He breathed on them, and said to them, ‘Receive the Holy Spirit.’” I love God’s goodness, so I really love songs that help us be more aware of Him moving in our lives.