Trusting and Believing: Devotions From Time of Grace


Knowing is not yet believing. Believing is not yet trusting.

Some people just can’t accept the concept of the existence of God. They see no particular order in the universe that would demand the existence of a grand Designer behind it all. They can find other explanations to satisfy them about the origins of life on earth.

Some people know that there is a Creator, but only as Someone to acknowledge from a distance. They see the brilliance of his divine mind and the power of his hands, but they don’t have any personal connection with “him/her/it/whatever.”

Some people have come to know about the one true God by hearing the Bible’s message. They come to believe in his self-description and accept the historical facts of the things he has done. But they still feel alone and disconnected.

And then there’s trusting. Happy are the lives of people who trust God! Trusting means living in the serenity that everything is going to be okay. Trusting means that you know a smiling and utterly competent God will be waiting to catch you when you fall--and also when he invites you to jump. Trusting means that you are completely convinced that you will emerge a winner no matter what happens in your life.

Would you like to grow in trusting and believing? Read on.