Why Sacrifice? Embracing God’s Promises For Joy And Fruitfulness


The Greatest Sacrifice

The entire Gospel is built on the greatest sacrifice the world has ever seen: Jesus Christ, God’s own son, who gave Himself up so we could have eternal life. Through Christ’s atoning death and resurrection, we have received a living hope and a future inheritance.

Scripture encourages us to show our gratitude for what Christ has done by joyfully offering sacrifices of praise, thanksgiving, and obedience to God. Through these offerings, we demonstrate trust in the Lord, submission to Jesus Christ, and our desire to glorify and make His name known among the nations.

Over the next two weeks, we’ll explore the meaning of sacrifice by examining the Word. You’ll learn about God’s promises and discover the heart attitudes that lead us into joyful obedience. Plus, you’ll be equipped to help advance His Kingdom.

May you grow in trusting the One who calls us to sacrifice, helps us overcome our fears, and invites us to participate in His plan to reconcile all people to Himself.

  • How does knowing that Jesus Christ paid the ultimate sacrifice for your sins change your understanding of sacrifice in your own life?

  • What fears do you have surrounding the idea of sacrifice? Pray that God would replace those fears with confidence in Him.