She Is Free: Learning The Truth About The Lies That Hold You Captive

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Unrestricted Access to God

One day in my own ongoing journey toward freedom, I had an encounter with the all-consuming love of our God. The refiner’s fire came to me in the form of an unshakable embrace that almost instantaneously brought the dross and dirt from my life to the surface. All the impurities began to come out of hiding in the safety of unadulterated love. 

That moment gave me a deep knowing that the very being of God—the One who is love—would purify me and that His process would bring the sweet freedom I had been chasing after in my own strength. In that split second I made a choice: I submitted my whole life to the process of freedom, no matter what it looked like. I was no longer afraid to look my pain in the face because I knew Who was with me.

The revelation came: when I purposefully still myself and meditate on the Father’s endless love for me, He whispers to me the truth of my inheritance in Him to which I have unrestricted access because of Jesus. This unrestricted access to the Father comes to us just as Jesus said it would through His life in John 14:6–7: “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. If you really know me, you will know my Father as well” (NIV). When I simply become aware of His unending presence in my life, it’s amazing how easily He replaces all my fears—which come out of a conscious or unconscious partnership with the enemy’s lies—with His pure love. 

Oftentimes, we meditate on negative thoughts and disastrous outcomes. But purposefully abiding (John 15) in God and His love is the perfecting of our faith. This aids the daily cultivation of our freedom.

Our God is the very person of love, as well as everything else that is wonderful and good. He sent His Son, Jesus, as love incarnate on the earth to save our lives, release us from prison, and set us free. When we receive this as truth, we are instantaneously given the gift of the Holy Spirit to commune with and receive truth from. With this foundation, every single one of us can be set free no matter what we think, feel, or have walked through.

Are you ready to be honest about your pain and commit your whole life to God, seeking in Him your healing?

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