Encouragement For Educators

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Called and Covered

Today’s verses are a prayer for the saints in Ephesus that express my emotions and thoughts towards you as you embark on a new year filled with new opportunities that are filled with hope and rich in glory. You have been called to a critical mission field: to teach and touch the next generation with information, inspiration, and application which will require a large amount of motivation.

I believe now more than ever that your calling to reach and teach the next generation is one of the MOST vital missions on earth. Being an educator is far more than a job or career, it is a mission to equip the next generation not only with book knowledge, but to influence them towards their calling and inspire them to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives. Your calling is so much more then teaching a subject, you are teaching life, influencing their choices and beliefs, and inspiring them to do and be more than they ever thought possible.

Sadly, you also know that you are at war with the enemy who fights to pull them off course; to distract, discourage, depress, or detain them from the abundant life that Jesus has planned for them. The GREAT news is that you are equipped for this strategic mission with the surpassing greatness of the power of Jesus! Jesus has authority and power over every evil that wars against you and your mission. Evil flees at the faith-filled spoken name of Jesus!

Prayer: Thank you, Lord, for calling and covering me with your love and authority. I pray that my heart would be enlightened every day, to walk and work in the surpassing greatness of your power. I am filled with hope knowing that every obstacle and opposing challenge is overcome with by the authority and power of Jesus.