Hearing And Obeying - Disciple Makers Series #2

Day 1 of 6 • This day’s reading


 Hearing God in Difficult Situations 

Hearing God in two different situations.

First, an obvious situation – the king has died – “God do we go back?”

Second, I am back, but the situation is as bad as it was before – “God, what do I do?”

We can trust God to speak to us no matter what situation we face.  Is it obvious what we should do?  Wait and listen because God will show us.  The situation is difficult/dangerous?  Wait and listen, because God will show us what to do.

Jesus grows up in a place no one expected.  Everyone expected Him to grow up in Bethlehem, but God had other plans.  This passage explains to the Jewish people why Jesus had to grow up in Nazareth – for protection and to fulfill prophecy.  Otherwise, it would make no sense to them.

Time to Pray

Father, teach me how to wait on You for an answer whenever I face difficult situations or simple situations.  You will give direction.  It is so easy to question whether we are doing it right, but if I wait and listen for You, I will get them right.  That is my prayer today.  Give me a heart that waits, that listens carefully and that obeys.  It is just too easy to rush, listen to my world, and hesitate in my obedience.  So help me I pray.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.