Jesus Chooses Who?—Disciple Makers Series #3

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Working in Obscurity 

The Jewish people thought that the Messiah would come to Jerusalem and do things from that city.  Jesus worked in Galilee—and so Matthew shows from a prophecy that Jesus must be in Galilee.  This is like a king avoiding the capital city and working from a small town far from the center of power—something very strange.

Jesus did this for a reason.  Jesus is going to work among the Jewish people, but His kingdom is for people of the world.  So He goes to a place where there are Jewish people as well as everyone else (they are called Gentiles).  His message is for everyone; His promises are for everyone; His kingdom is for everyone.

Let’s remember that.

Time to Pray

Father, You are the God for all people.  We see You love us and people like us.  You are much bigger than just loving one group of people.  Help me today to think like Jesus.  He went where people from the nations lived and gave His message to everyone.  Help me to always think like that.  I love my people—they are the ones easiest to understand.  However, I must learn how to think bigger.  As I look at the life of Jesus, I will learn how to do it.  Give me eyes to see it, I pray.  In Jesus’ name Amen.