Jesus, I Need You Part 6

Day 1 of 6 • This day’s reading


In this plan we will climb the mount for the privilege to sit under the most profound teaching ever delivered by the wisest, most loving teacher who ever lived. Jesus’ words were radically different from those of the religious leaders during that day. His words rocked the world of those who heard. It wasn’t easy to hear, and it isn’t easy to read. Jesus didn’t leave many stones unturned. It was intended to rock our world! It was supposed to ruffle our feathers and get under our skin.

The standard set in this sermon is so lofty that it appears unattainable, and most people have written it off as a mere ideal, not a way of life. Jesus presents divine wisdom, a radical lifestyle, and a new kingdom. Jesus offers himself in His death and resurrection as the only door into that new kingdom. And He gives us His Spirit who begins to make this radical lifestyle a reality in our lives. Jesus Christ is able to give us all we need to enter and then live out the kingdom of heaven because He is the kingdom!

Our flesh -- our sin nature -- is going to resist. It may try to turn a deaf ear or be ready to deny or skip over the entire message because it doesn’t want to hear it. But I hope what we read over the next few days we will take to heart as if Jesus was saying it directly to us, as if He really expected us to live it out. I hope He will rock our world and the world around us!  


Praise the Lord using Psalm 23. Affirm who He is and how He loves and cares for you. We praise you, Lord, for you lead us perfectly, you teach us perfectly, and you love us perfectly.


Confess your sin to the Lord. Prepare your heart to hear His words to you this week. Use Psalm 32:1-5.


Thank you, Lord, for all you have done for us. Give us grateful hearts.


Ask the Lord to encourage, convict, and soften your heart, and help you to hear and understand Him and His kingdom. 


Choose one truth from today and apply it to your heart. Take it with you throughout the day.