Jesus, I Need You Part 4


Immediately after He emerged from the waters of the Jordan and heard the affirmation from His Heavenly Father, Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness where He was tempted by His enemy, the devil. When He was hungry, weary, and at His weakest point, the tempter launched his most pointed attack. It was direct, it was personal, and it was custom-designed for the Son of God. Who would Jesus serve? Who would the Son of God bow His allegiance to -- and at what price?

Jesus took His stand, rejected lies, and refuted the devil with the written Word of God. Finally, He demonstrated His divine authority over the evil one, commanding Satan to be gone (Matthew 4:10-11)! No compromise. No concession. Victory.

Are you in Christ? If so, His enemy is your enemy. As he knew Jesus, he knows you. He knows your weaknesses. He knows the exact opening to squeeze through to get a position of advantage to take you down. It will be direct, it will be personal, and it will be custom-designed for you. You have been observed.

When Jesus overcame Satan’s temptations in the wilderness, He overcame for us.  His victory over sin and the devil ensures our (ultimate) victory as well.  And you have the same weapons Jesus used. You have the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. Don’t be deceived. Think eternally. Stand firm.


How much we need to be reminded that this world we live in lasts only for a moment. Use Psalm 29:1-2 and Daniel 4:34-35 as a springboard to praise Him.


How often do we find ourselves listening to and being convinced by Satan’s self-centered, worldly, wicked, warped way of thinking? He can be so convincing. We must then confess that we have believed the lies and have not used God’s Word as a defense.


Our eyes focus on the difficulties, but the Lord reminds us to be thankful always. Thank Him for His Word and for His Spirit.


Ask God for wisdom to see the ways of the enemy, for ears to recognize his lies, and for the strength and faith to stand firm against him. 


Choose one truth from today and apply it to your heart. Take it with you throughout the day.