Jesus, I Need You Part 1

Day 1 of 6 • This day’s reading


Jesus’ world is completely God-centered. Ours is predominantly me-centered, which is what most hinders a real, tangible, intimate relationship with Jesus. It is often hard to discern how different our ways are from His ways because no matter what kind of home we have been raised in, we acquire habits, behaviors, thought patterns, and reasoning from many sources other than Jesus Christ without even knowing it. And these become real to us and completely “normal” and acceptable. We don’t even realize how much our Christian life is flavored with the world.

We no longer want to be knowingly or unknowingly fused with the culture. We want Jesus. We need Jesus. We need our Immanuel to accomplish this work in us! We want our mind, our energies, and our heart focused more and more on Him and less on ourselves and our circumstances. We want Him and Him alone.

We can know Him more intimately than a spouse, a sister, a mother, or a life-long best friend. Can He be that real? I believe He can. His love for us and His interest in our lives is greater than we know. We underestimate what the Lord wants to be to us. We get in the way. It is my prayer, though, that He will take us out of the way.

Begin by praising God for sending His Son, the Living Word, the One who loves us with an everlasting love. Use John 1:14-18 as inspiration.

Put your pen to paper and make a list of the things you crave more than the Lord or that keep you from fully surrendering everything to the Lord. What do you hunger and thirst after? Acceptance? Popularity? Position? Perfection? Power? Success? Comfort?

Take time now to thank Him for his willingness to be always waiting for you and always ready to hear your cry and come to your aid.

Without holding back, ask Him now, in faith, to change your desires – that you would desire Him more than yourself or any other thing. Ask Him to help you want less and less of you until you can truly say, “Only Christ.”


Choose one truth from today and apply it to your heart. Take it with you throughout the day.