Luke Hellebronth - Devotions from ’Stand Up’

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Our God is an awesome God; from creation to salvation to revelation.

From the beginning of time to the arrival of Jesus, to the picture of end times, we see the display of God’s sovereignty again and again. He is big, glorious, majestic, all powerful and yet in His grace and mercy meets us in our everyday lives and needs.

He is mighty and strong to save and because of His unconditional love for us and desire for restored relationship with us, He sent His son Jesus to show the world the only way to truth and life.

Jesus made some bold claims such as 'mountains can move by faith' and 'the dead can be raised'. We see in Scripture and today through miracles, healing and signs and wonders that these words were not empty words.

The World in which we live constantly dumbs down God and even uses His name as a swear word. As we sing these radical and counter-cultural statements, our faith rises and our hearts respond: we believe!

The chorus is a declaration of who God is:

Our God, awesome is He

And He reigns with power and authority

In Heaven, on Earth His praise will be heard

Lift Him up, lift Him up, lift Him up!

Part of what we do when we worship is we shift our attention away from our problems and onto the solution, God. We paint a big picture of Him and remind ourselves that nothing is impossible for Him. He is able to do all things.

One of the stunning characteristics of God is that He chooses us to partner with Him in the building of His Kingdom. Through the Holy Spirit, who is alive and at work in and through us, He wants to bring life and change to those around us.

And so with all of this in mind, as the people of God, we need to rise up, grab a hold of His promises and sing about His life changing love so that everyone will hear and come to know Him. For we know there is no other and no greater name than our God.