Pearls and Promises for Your Marriage

Before you begin, prayerfully approach the Lord and ask Him to give you eyes to see things from His perspective and ears to hear His voice. Ask Him for the grace to follow the steps that He shows you to take. Be excited because the steps you will walk through in this study will give you greater understanding than you ever thought possible. They will bring fresh hope and anticipation to your marriage. Get ready! This is going to be challenging but fun, and your husband is going to love it!

Each day of this study will be in three parts: KNOW GOD'S HEART, where we will read a passage of Scripture and reflect on it through questions; TAKE IT TO HEART, where we will be given a portion of Scripture to think on and take with us throughout the day; and SHARE GOD'S HEART, where we will look at practical steps to apply some of the things we are learning in this study. Every five days we will have a time where we reflect on the PEARLS of wisdom God has given and the PROMISES of His Word.

First, though, prepare your heart tomorrow by reading a poem written by a woman, perhaps like yourself, who realized how easily her heart strayed from the Lord.

Remember, your most intimate and primary relationship must be with Jesus. He is to be your beloved. He is your Husband and your Maker. He is the source of all life and love. You must first abide in Him and He in you, before you will ever be able to be the woman and the wife you were created to be.

May your heart be adorned with pearls and overflowing with the promises of His Word. May your marriage be transformed beyond anything you ever dreamed possible!

(Unless otherwise noted, Scriptures quoted in this text are from The Holy Bible, English Standard Version (ESV), copyright @ 2001 by Crossway, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers. Used by permission. All rights reserved.)