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Bible Survey: Part FourSample

Bible Survey: Part Four

DAY 1 OF 92

In this chapter we see Jesus involved in some amazing miracles: feeding 5000 people with one small lunch and appearing with some heroes of the Jewish faith who had died long ago. But Jesus is also interested in training His disciples for continuing His ministry after He is gone.

Rather than experience Jesus' teaching and actions firsthand like His disciples, we only get to read about them. But the challenge for us is the same. We are to carry forward the message that Jesus was sent by God to be killed and raised again on the third day. In this way we can live a life that matters for so much more than what we can gain here on earth.


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About this Plan

Bible Survey: Part Four

This is the forth part of a 365 day plan that contains key chapters from each book of the Bible. Weekends can be used to catch up on missed readings or for reflection. Notes are also included to assist with understanding...


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