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Just Say The Word: Pray With Your WifeSample

Just Say The Word: Pray With Your Wife

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An epidemic affects our generation!

Many, dare I say most, Christian men live with the burden lurking in their hearts and minds that they are failing to provide spiritual leadership for their wives. This is even true among godly Christian men who are helping others pursue God. We are not initiating regular and intentional spiritual connection with our wives. Sure, we share spiritual life from time to time, but not on a regular and intentional basis. What am I talking about? Simply this: Praying together.

Be honest. Beyond dinner prayers, bedtime prayers with children or praying at a church service or spiritually related meeting, in a typical week, how often do you and your wife pray together, just the two of you?

A candid answer is likely not a comfortable one. I know this because of the answer from my own life. I have also posed this question, eyeball to eyeball, with a host of Christian brothers, and I know how their answers fare.

You don’t need any additional guilt today. Nor do I desire to load you further. Mourning the past, or even the present, will not fuel lasting motivation and change. Yet recognizing how we have abdicated spiritual leadership in marriage can open the door to viable and lasting changes.

I tell you the opportunity is ripe for us to step into our role and see God show up in very real ways.

My hope with this plan is to guide you in a path which is not only biblical, but is simple to embrace. It will lead you and your wife to a fresh dimension in your spiritual walk together. You will be bolstered in the storms of life. You will be equipped to protect your marriage and family with confidence. It will impact your children and grandchildren. In fact, it will touch every dimension of your life.

God has brought this matter to the forefront of attention in my own life, and I thank Him for doing so. My wife thanks Him as well! You can step up and step into your role as a Christian husband with more hope and resolve than you likely have previously imagined.

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Just Say The Word: Pray With Your Wife

Christian husbands desire to be a spiritual leader for their wife and family, but often don’t know exactly what to do about it. The Just Say The Word plan will show you a simple, yet effective path for praying together a...


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