The Creation Of Nature

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God Created Day and Night
Play: Ask your kids to close their eyes really tight, putting their hands over their face. Count to 10, then point out how dark it is. Now, say, "Light" and ask your kids to open their eyes. Talk about how bright the light is after the darkness!
Talk: In the beginning, before God made our world, it was very, very dark—just like when you closed your eyes and covered your face. In Genesis 1:3-5, we read that God spoke into the darkness and said, "Let there be light," and there was light! God called the darkness "night" and the light "day." God spoke, and light was created. What are some activities that would be difficult to do without light?
Pray: Thank God for making the light and the day so we can play and learn; thank Him for the dark night so we can rest.
—Danika Cooley
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