Bring Them Back: Devotions From Time of Grace Ministry


Lifeguards are a familiar summer sight. Dressed in red swimming suits, sitting high on their white platforms, armed with whistle, pith helmet, and megaphone, they keep watch over their charges. "No running!" they bark. "No dunking!" Their eyes restlessly scan the deeper water. Their mission is simple: everybody goes home safely.

Know what's even more important? "Soulguards." Satan is a tricky and deadly enemy, and he uses lies and temptations like undertow from hell, pulling people to their doom. Soulguards care about their own salvation, but they care also about other people's eternal destiny and can't just idly watch somebody fall away from the faith. They want to bring them back.

Maybe you know people who seem to be slipping away spiritually. Maybe there are people in your own family who once were proud to worship God in public but now have no time for him. What do you do? What do you say? Where do you start?

This reading plan brings you a month's worth of daily readings from God's Word. I hope you find encouragement and guidance in your role as a soulguard. Ready? Let's go!

--Pastor Mark Jeske