NIV Once-A-Day Bible for Men


There’s this idea floating around that God, church, and other spiritual matters are spokes in the wheel of a person’s busy life. People say things like, “Oh, yeah, I go to church” in the same way they’d say, “Oh, yeah, I go to that gym” or “Oh, yeah, I’m on that committee.”
But the Bible makes it quite clear that God’s desire — ​and the best way to live life — ​is not to have God as one spoke on the wheel of your life, but to have him as the hub. Sometimes people compartmentalize their spiritual life, like one of those TV dinners. Your job is in one aluminum compartment, your family in another, and your spiritual life — ​God — ​in another.
But life works best when you bring God into every area of your life. He can bring change, health, and growth to every aspect of your life — ​from your job, to your social life, to all your relationships.
In the passage above, the psalmist charges everything to praise God. The earth. The sea. The land. The stars. Trees. Forests. Fields. Everything. All of God’s creation — ​including us — ​has reason to be joyful because of how good God is.
Take a moment to consider the whole of your life. Does it all belong to God? And more importantly, does it all reflect praise to God? Chances are, you’re going to say no. That’s OK. Today you can invite God in. Tell him about an area you’re having problems with or are worried about. Watch what a difference it makes when God is your hub and not just a spoke on your wheel. 

As I consider my life, Lord, I note that you are . . .