21 Days Of Grace For The Pace


Grace for Your Place

"Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, let us use them...."

 Romans 12:6, NKJV

Did you know you have an important place in the plan of God? You do! Jesus has a place for you to serve in His Church––the Body of Christ!

Your place is important. God’s plan isn’t the same without you. Like a jigsaw puzzle with a missing piece––God’s plan without you in your proper place messes up the whole deal! Don’t forget, when you are not in your place, the overall Body of Christ suffers. Something is missing. There are gaps. Sure, the Lord finds ways to fill your spot. But to do this, He often has to tap into others to do double-duty to cover your place. The best plan is for you to discover your place and then function there!

Your place may be a place of serving behind the scenes or speaking in front of people. Your place may be one of support, leadership, help, giving, hospitality, teaching, mercy or administration––or some other place whereby you serve the Lord and His Body.

There is no doubt––you have been gifted and anointed by the Lord to play a particular role in His Church. Anything less than that will be totally unfulfilling. You were born-again to take your place. It’s wired into your spiritual DNA. Anything less than bearing much fruit in your life will leave you with a big sense of dissatisfaction. Sometimes, getting to your ultimate “place” is a progressive work and as we grow and mature and lean on His grace, the Lord is able to open doors for us to enter our “place.”

Be encouraged! If you will seek the Lord, He will give you all the grace you need to be the person He’s called you to be, in order to stand in your place.

"Father, I want to find and fulfill my place in Your plan. I want to be counted faithful so that much fruit can be produced through my life. I ask You to open my eyes to any adjustments I need to make to receive more grace to stand in my place. In Jesus' Name. Amen."