Seek The Lord And Find Him

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Read Psalm 63:1.

One summer, as I sat on the rocky coast of Maine, along the path came an older couple. As they approached the water's edge, they stopped, overcome by the view. There was a slight breeze as the waves crashed on the rocks below. The sky was a perfect clear blue with a few wisps of clouds across the canopy. A schooner gracefully cut through the wake as it was heading into shore. The man and his wife stood watching for a moment, but then they turned to look at each other, kissed, and returned their gaze to the view.

It was a beautiful picture of the shared love and tenderness of a deep and abiding relationship, the same kind of relationship the Lord desires with us. He wants us to walk with Him side by side, with our hearts knit to His, and His knit with ours, intimately sharing life's moments together.

However, the eyes of our heart strain to see God and truly believe. We struggle with how to know His love intimately and receive it. We wonder, "How can God, who is so holy, so magnificent, and so mighty, be interested in someone so lowly as me?"

The God of this universe is not far removed from His people, hidden beyond the clouds. He is ever present with them. One of the Lord's great joys is companionship with His bride, the church. He wants so deeply for you to spend time with Him as His beloved: "And I will walk among you and will be your God, and you shall be my people" (Leviticus 26:12 ESV).

He calls to us to enter into this relationship with Him. Intimate. Tender. Life-giving. Life-changing. Set your heart to pursue Him earnestly. Set a time daily to be with Him alone. If you miss your time with Him, make a "date" for another time. A relationship grows as you live life together.

Allow Him to love and care for you throughout the day. He wants to speak to you through His Word to encourage and strengthen you. Grab hold of one scripture each day and take that truth to heart and bring it to life by coming up under it as you go about your day.

May the Lord bless you abundantly and may He become your Beloved.