Authentic Serving

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What Are You Expecting

What are you expecting from God? Do you find yourself thinking, You know what, God, I’ve done a lot for You. I’ve followed You. I have served You. And now I am expecting some things. Are you like that? Because here’s the truth: The Lord does a lot for us. If all God ever did for us was keep us from hell, how could we not sing His praises through all eternity? But the Lord does far more for us than save us from hell. The part we need to understand is our mindset.

If you forget you are a servant, you can start thinking God is the servant. And you can start thinking, Well, I did my part. Now I’m home. I’m hungry. Feed me God. Do what I want You to do and take care of these things. And that’s not good. We are the servants and He is the Master.

Here are some things we might expect from God:

1. Protection for our children. I don’t want my kids to get hurt. Do You see me over here leading a small group? I don’t mind serving You, God, but I have some expectations.

2. Provision of financial needs. I work ethically for You. So give me a job that pays for what I want.

3. Health and healing. I have to be healed. If You don’t heal me, I’m going to have some harsh thoughts about You.

4. Guidance. I am making a very difficult decision right now. There is an uncertain future I’m facing. I do a lot for You; can’t You at least tell me what I’m supposed to do?

5. Salvation of a loved one. Come on God. Don’t You see me over here serving You? Can’t You just get this person saved?

But we can’t expect God to do something for us just because we do something for Him. That’s back-scratching and it’s not what authentic serving is about.

Prayer – Father, forgive me for thinking I can manipulate You into doing things for me. Help me to serve because I love You, not because I want something in return. In Jesus’ name, Amen.