Restart: Leading with Confidence

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It can be easy for Christian leaders today to look to the latest, best-selling business books for tricks and quick fixes for leadership. But while these types of materials have their place, our most powerful resource as Christian leaders will always be the Bible.

Take a moment to reflect on two reasons why this is true: 1) The pace of the leader sets the pace for the team. Your ‘go-to’ source of spiritual strength will ultimately be the one that influences those you lead. 2) In the hectic world of church leadership, it’s all too easy for pastors and church leaders to end up simply reading the Bible to prepare (or cram) for the next weekend’s message, instead of to intentionally engage God’s Word.

When Jesus spoke the words “People need every word that God has spoken,”  he was not only identifying a great need in our lives, he was tapping a deep hunger in our souls. While fasting and praying in the wilderness, Jesus asserted the fact that his greatest sustenance was the Word of God. The reality is that people deeply need God’s Word, especially those who preach and teach it.

Matthew 4 is the chapter that immediately follows the baptism of Jesus. When John baptized Christ, the Spirit of God was present in the form of a dove, and the voice of the Father affirmed Christ saying, “This is my own dear Son and I am pleased with him” (3:17). Immediately following that affirmation of God and validation of the Spirit, the enemy endeavored to question and diminish the identity of Christ (“If you are God’s Son …” 4:3).

Perhaps the most amazing aspect of Matthew 4 is the natural way in which Jesus wielded the Word of God (the Scripture) as his inspiration from the Father and his weapon against Satan. It flowed from his lips seemingly effortlessly and naturally. It seems that the Word of God kept Jesus focused in heart and clear in mind. He asserted that God’s Word was more important than his next meal.

In our ministries, we are called to respond to the greatest need of  all: spiritual hunger. Although physical hunger must be satisfied, Jesus emphasized that food alone is insufficient for life in its truest form. The words of God are the food we need most.



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