Children's Guide to Easter

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Day 1: The Plot Against Jesus

Jesus traveled through Galilee and Judea, healing sick people and even raising the dead to life! Crowds of people flocked to hear him teach: “Whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst.”

The priests didn't believe in Jesus, but they were worried by him, "Jesus has too many followers. He'll make the Romans angry and they'll destroy our Temple! We must kill Jesus!" So Jesus had to hide in a small village by the desert.

It was almost Passover, and all Jews were supposed to go to Jerusalem to celebrate. The priests said, "Here's our chance! If Jesus comes, we'll arrest him!"

The priests looked everywhere, but there was no sign of Jesus. People wondered, "Will Jesus dare to come?"

What do you think, will Jesus go to Jerusalem? Would you go if you knew you might be killed?

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