Wild Life


The Question

We are four guys with totally different lives. Different ages, different likes, different loves, different upbringings, different careers, but the same questions. Daniel feels like he just took one step after the next—school, marriage, career, kids—and all of a sudden, he’s looking around, wondering, “Did I end up a man?” Jason, a father of four going on five, ten years into family and career, has a similar question, “I’m doing it, but am I doing it right—do I matter?” Ryan, brand-spanking-new both to marriage and career, grew up without a father, and maybe like you, he’s wondering, “Do I have what it takes?” Tanner, a freelance filmmaker, is running his own business, trying to provide for his wife and kids asking, “Is this how it’s supposed to look?”

So, we decided to go looking for a guide. Who should we ask? Where should we look? We agreed to look for a brave man who loves Jesus, who’s experienced pain, demonstrated integrity, and lives with uncommon wisdom. We wanted someone who’s lived longer and deeper than us. We set out with cameras in hand to find John Eldredge, New York Times best-selling author of Wild at Heart

John has sold millions of books to men whose lives have been completely set free and transformed. His sons say he’s the real deal. His wife, Stasi, cheers him on and loves him deeply. But why? What is it about John? What does he know that we don’t? 

What’s your question? Search it out, bring it with you, and let’s go looking for answers. 

Watch today’s video to meet John and begin our first conversation.