Be Very Afraid?

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By Matt Hayes

I’m not a huge fan of change, and I’d imagine I’m not alone in that. Yet we all face change. Whether it’s a new job, a big move, a relationship that sours, addition of a child, or just moving into the next season of life, change is inevitable.

One year ago I knew a change was coming. After working at the same place since graduating from college, my wife and I felt we needed to move. Without a job lined up and with five mouths in our family to feed, fear was understandably present. During the transition a friend voiced some truth that carried us through that season: all change comes with hope and fear; choose hope.

In Mark 4, the disciples find themselves with every reason to live in fear. While out on the water, a storm begins to capsize their boat. Everyone is scrambling to keep the ship afloat, but where’s Jesus in the middle of the fury? He is asleep below the deck! In their understandable fear, the disciples awake Jesus, who then tells the wind and waves to chill out . . . and they do.

Everything around the disciples changed in that storm, but Jesus didn’t. He is constant, unafraid of the wind and unsurprised by the waves. No matter what change is on the horizon in our lives, no matter how difficult the unknown may seem or how dark the clouds look, Jesus isn’t surprised by what is coming. He’s not afraid. He calms the storms and gives rest to those around him. He is why we have a choice when everything changes. Have faith. Choose hope

Questions for Reflection:

1. What is your default reaction to change: hope or fear?

2. Read the story of Jesus calming the storm in Mark 4:35–41. What’s one thing you can do to choose hope the next time change comes? Write it down! This can be a guide for you the next time it comes.