When Disaster Strikes At Home

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Disasters are a regular fact of life for many parts of our world, and Christians are not immune to such disasters. In August 2017, Hurricane Harvey caused severe damage in southern Texas, specifically in Houston. The destruction left by the floods has been devastating for everyone in the affected communities.

We hear about disasters leaving behind a trail of death, sorrow and destruction; and in the midst of such disasters we also hear amazing stories of churches taking the opportunity to demonstrate the love of Christ in very practical ways.

We see this in the Bible, in the book of Nehemiah, with the destruction of Jerusalem after years of wars and invasion. God called Nehemiah to lead the reconstruction of Jerusalem after much of the city, including the protective walls, had been destroyed.

Nehemiah provides us with good lessons on planning, organization, motivating the community, dealing with opposition, and the importance of prayer in the whole rehabilitation process. He showed that rehabilitation is more than physical rebuilding. There are spiritual battles and a need to rebuild and reform unjust social structures, which often increase the suffering of the poor.

This study explores the ways in which we can respond to disasters when they strike.