Live Out Your Faith with Fitness

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Decide. Commit.

Sometimes just deciding to do something is half the battle. Getting healthy or keeping fit is a daily work in progress. It’s not something we can do one time and then forget about it. Kind of like our faith. It is a daily undertaking. Constantly seeking to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Deciding to live a fit and health life isn’t easy. From sugar addiction to being lazy with our health, things will always try to prevent us from reaching our goals. Being committed to your health+fitness blueprint will bring results. And who doesn’t like results?!

The way you get results is to be decide to be committed to the task at hand. Want to get stronger? That means hitting the gym and lifting. Or other strength building exercises like pushups, pullups, yoga, running hills. Maybe your goal is to just start a workout routine- which may involve seeking a personal trainer. Whatever your goal, the key is to stay committed to it.

Many people give up when they don’t see immediate results. Results aren’t made in the microwave, they are made with time. And because we are human we don’t like that fact. We want things to happen on our time, not God’s. Perhaps our personal fitness journey is to remind us that God’s work takes time.

Decide on a fitness regimen- be realistic! And then commit to it. Since I’m a runner, I will share this. Signing up for a race keeps that commitment in front you of everyday!