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Christians Love Submission?Sample

Christians Love Submission?

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God’s system is best

Our gut reaction, especially if we are Americans, is to hate submission. We cringe when the Bible commands, “Submit yourselves for the Lord’s sake to every human authority” (1 Peter 2:13).

But we shouldn’t. According to my dictionary, the word submit simply means “to yield to the authority or will of another person.” That idea—yielding—isn’t cringeworthy. It’s wise.

Think of that flashing yellow arrow that tells drivers in the turn lane to yield to the traffic in the oncoming lanes. Does that offend you? I would guess not. Does that flashing arrow imply that you are an inferior driver? Not even close. Yielding is a way to avoid confusion and destruction. It’s a submission-based system that tells certain people to put others first so everyone can remain safe.

Our wise Father in heaven has ordered his world the same way. He knows a submission-less, always-trying-to-get-my-way world would be filled with relational wreckage. If we all expected everyone else to hit the brakes so we could do what we wanted, families, churches, and nations would implode! Some, sadly, do.

That’s why God establishes a system of submission in society, the home, and the church. He commands those in authority (like governments, husbands, and church leaders) to lead with love, humility, and justice. He commands those under authority to yield to the final decision instead of insisting on getting their way.

As challenging as it can be, I see the wisdom of God’s system. Are you starting to appreciate submission, too?


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Christians Love Submission?

The word "submission" is pretty unpopular these days. But before you assume the worst about that word, remember you were saved through an act of submission. Jesus prepared a place for you in his Father’s house by submitt...


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