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Rest Assured

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Now Moses was faithful in all God’s house as a servant, to testify to the things that were to be spoken later, – Hebrews 3:6 ESV

μαρτύριον/martyrion: the evidence given for something

Why It Matters
Today, a martyr is known as someone who loses their life for their faith or beliefs, but that word wasn’t always synonymous with this. The Greek word martyrion simply implies that something is submitted as evidence for a truth or an event. A martyr’s death is evidence that their faith is worth giving their all for.
Hebrews shows that Moses was faithful as a servant, to martyrion to the things that were to be spoken later. As Moses received the law, his faithfulness to deliver the law as well as implement the tabernacle system of sacrifice was inspiring to his people. But that faithfulness wasn’t an end in itself; it was martyrion, or evidence given for something to be spoken later. The Book of John declares that Jesus is the Word made flesh and the fulfillment of the law. Whereas the law was evidence of our brokenness and inability to keep God’s command, Jesus – the Word of God – lived a sinless life and thereby fulfilled the demands of the law on our behalf! Now we can see Moses as evidence that God doesn’t sweep the law under the rug when dealing with our sin, and Jesus’ resurrection as evidence that our sin has been dealt with, fully and completely.

Glorious Father, I run to you, much the way a child runs into the arms of their loving parent. I need your rest and freedom from that which I have tried to strive after. I know that I can trust you, and have confidence that you will be able to carry me through the days ahead. Thank you for providing a place of refuge in Jesus’ name!

What will I act on this week because of the confidence I have in Christ?


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Rest Assured

It seems like no matter how hard we try to master it, we are consumed by busyness, along with the stress and exhaustion that come with it. But what would it look like to truly rest in a world of constant access and furio...


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