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From Grief to Glory: Mary's Journey With the Risen SaviourSample

From Grief to Glory: Mary's Journey With the Risen Saviour

DAY 1 OF 3

As you read this plan, allow yourself to step into Mary's sandals, to feel the weight of her sorrow and the depth of her grief.

Close your eyes and envision the scene. Picture the blood-stained hands of Jesus, the agony etched on His face. In this moment, Mary's heart surely felt like it was being pierced by a thousand swords. How would you have felt standing there, helpless, watching your child endure such unimaginable pain?

As you read the verses, let the emotions wash over you. Feel the sorrow, the anguish, and the heart-wrenching love that Mary experienced. Imagine the echoes of her silent prayers, the questions in her heart, and the ache that must have gripped her very soul.

In these moments of reflection, consider your own moments of grief and loss. How does Mary's sorrow resonate with your own experiences? Take this time to connect with the universal thread of human suffering and the solace that can be found in knowing that Mary, too, faced profound sorrow.

As we journey through Mary's emotions today, may you find a deeper understanding of the complexities of grief and the strength that comes from faith in the face of profound loss. Open your heart to the transformative power of empathy and compassion, allowing Mary's sorrow to illuminate the path toward the glory that awaits in the days to come.

Once you’ve opened your eyes, take a listen to part one of the spoken word titled ‘Mary’s Sorrow.’

Day 2

About this Plan

From Grief to Glory: Mary's Journey With the Risen Saviour

Embark on a powerful and emotional exploration of Mary's profound journey through grief, loss, and the miraculous resurrection of her beloved son, Jesus Christ. In this Bible plan, we delve into the depths of Mary's hear...


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