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Approaching Poverty: An 11-Day DevotionalSample

Approaching Poverty: An 11-Day Devotional

DAY 1 OF 11

Why is there poverty?

In the Bible, the poor are the widow and the orphan, the beggar and the blind, the leper and the sojourner. They are the people who are excommunicated and outcasts from society – and, therefore, typically left without the resources to care for themselves.

Millions of people in today’s world are experiencing poverty daily. Whether it is people without a home or access to clean water or food or a family with no consistent income – poverty is as rampant as it is diverse.

In the first part of this devotional, we will look at the root of poverty – and God’s plan for it.

Day 2

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Approaching Poverty: An 11-Day Devotional

Poverty is a shared aspect of the human experience, touching each of us differently. Whether you've witnessed or experienced poverty or not, this devotional aims to encourage a compassionate and Biblical perspective on p...


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