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Growing a Mother's HeartSample

Growing a Mother's Heart

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Little Dents

On vacation, Teresa’s family toured a glass factory. It fascinated her daughter Rebecca to see colors swirl out, as workers blew on multi-colored glass and formed each piece into a unique shape. Her husband took Rebecca to shop while Teresa tended their younger children.

Later, Rebecca anxiously said, “Daddy bought you a pretty present for your birthday, even though it has a few dents in it. The colors are pretty, Mom, so don’t be upset when you open it.” How special to have our children be concerned about our feelings!

A few days later, Teresa smiled when she unwrapped the gift: an expensive vase with three carefully crafted indentations. It took gentle but firm pressure to create the dents without breaking the vase.

The vase is a valuable treasure to those who understand the care and skill involved. Sometimes God’s plans seem like ugly unwanted dents until we step back and see His care and skill in creating dents and learn to value the beauty of His handiwork.

When we think of our own imperfections or those of our children, think how God carefully formed those little dents. He loves us just the way He created us. He wants us to realize that He gave us life and shapes us with purpose. He molded the DNA together.

Whether a dent is original or formed by a cave-in from pressures because we are made of moldable clay, not steel, we can give thanks that we are not perfect and praise God because He is perfect. We can look at our children and smile with amazement at how God created every hair and cell, and know He treasures our children, including what we perceive as perfections and flaws.

Today’s Mom Step: Close your eyes and remember the first moments with your child.


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Growing a Mother's Heart

Come along to find encouraging stories from past present and future moms to renew and grow your heart. Like the moms in these stories, no matter what mom season you’re in, we all desire to meet our children’s needs and b...


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