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Matthew's Message: Seven NuggetsSample

Matthew's Message: Seven Nuggets

DAY 1 OF 7

The Savior

“You shall call His name Jesus, for He will save His people from their sins.” (Matthew 1:21)

Let the meaning of Jesus’ name sink in. His name means Savior. That's who He is. If there were no people in need of salvation from their sins, Jesus wouldn't have come. His name already demonstrates His love. Because 'Savior' means nothing if there is no one to be saved. The fact that He is born with the name Savior shows that He came to save His people.

When I hear ‘Jesus the Savior,’ I realize something marvelous. My sin is the first thing that binds me to Jesus. Not my good deeds, not my talents, not my efforts, not my good intentions. Jesus came for my sins and yours. He came to save you from your sins, if only you believe in Him.

Saving from your sins means two things. First, it means your sins are forgiven. You are cleansed. Everything wrong you've done in the past is not held against you. The opportunities you've missed. The sorrow you've caused others. The good you could have done but didn't dare or were too lazy to accomplish... It's all forgiven.

Secondly, it means that sin no longer has power over you. The attraction of sin is broken. It's a package deal. Sin is forgiven, and the power of sin is broken. If you have come to love your Savior, you cannot love sin anymore.

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Matthew's Message: Seven Nuggets

Be blessed through the Gospel of Matthew and seven insightful devotionals inspired by it. Each day offers a unique perspective on key passages, guiding you to delve deeper into the profound teachings found within Matthew...


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