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You Could Experience So Much MoreSample

You Could Experience So Much More

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Are you stuck?

Do you know what the strongest glue in the world is?

Habit. Nothing binds us to anything like habit. We don't change it because it feels like a part of us, even though it should never have become part of us. And we often pay a high price for this without even realizing it.

"I would so love to change something in my life." Have you said that to yourself recently?

I, too, keep thinking: "What can I change about it?" so as not to make a habit out of a current dissatisfaction.

This fits into all areas of our lives. Let's take a very simple example: If we've been enjoying too much food lately and our clothes are all tight, we're dissatisfied. No matter how many times we cry, "Man, I'm uncomfortable," that alone won't change anything.

Only when we decide, "Okay, I will consciously pay attention to my diet," do we also create the opportunity to lose a little weight—and I certainly don't have to explain that to anyone. We automatically feel lighter again, and happier.

If we continue to eat whatever we want "out of habit,” then at some point we will also accept this dissatisfaction in our lives "out of habit"... and that can be dangerous.

May I ask you what you continue to eat out of habit even though it's not good for you? What habit are you stuck in?

Sometimes we forget we don't have to be stuck anymore: “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” (2 Corinthians 5:17 NIV)

Today is a wonderful day to say goodbye to dissatisfaction by breaking that bad habit, by making a conscious decision! And I happily pray God will give you the strength to take this important step!

Say goodbye to this old habit today and experience a new satisfaction!

You are a miracle!


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You Could Experience So Much More

What if God has MORE plans for you? Even in the midst of your doubts and fears, God wants more for you. You are not alone with these thoughts. Doubts, fears, distractions, and indeed habits get in the way of all of us ag...


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