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The God Who Sees YouSample

The God Who Sees You

DAY 1 OF 9

God really sees you.

"My husband doesn't even really look at me anymore."

When people tell me something like this regarding their spouse, it hurts my heart, because we all know how it feels not to be noticed.

Yes, it's painful... but not quite as painful anymore if you try to understand the truth. And I urge you today: please try to understand. Your life could be about something much more valuable!

Because: it's not about whether you're seen; it's about who you're seen by.

And while you're struggling with the feeling of not being looked at by anyone, you're being looked at by Someone who believes in you and who can do anything! Anything! You want proof? Gladly. The Old Testament says this:

“...You are the God who sees me,” for she said, “I have now seen the One who sees me.” (Genesis 16:13 NIV)

And in the New Testament, we read Jesus saying:

“If you can?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for one who believes.” (Mark 9:23 NIV)

You have a God who looks at you, and He is trustworthy.

God sees you! You! And He can give you everything you need to keep going, even when others don't really see you. He sees you and is eager to give you everything you need! The strength, the comfort, even quite unexpected joy!

The important thing is that you also look to Him and do not look away, even if you would rather be seen by the person that you’re hoping will notice you. Imagine, just as you hope to be looked at by your great earthly love, God hopes that you will look at Him too! Why? Because He is completely in love with you. Yes, because God loves YOU!

...and, He is looking at you right now, at this moment...

Will you stop and return His gaze today?

You are a miracle!


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The God Who Sees You

“...You are the God who sees me… I have now seen the One who sees me.” (Genesis 16:13). Do you feel not seen - by friends, family, God? Or maybe you feel rejected? If that is the struggle you are facing, it’s time to be ...


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