Just Think: From God’s Heart To Yours

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 Just think, you’re here not by chance, but by God’s choosing. 


Just think, 

you’re here not by chance,

but by God’s choosing.


His hand formed you

and made you the person you are.


He compares you to no one else -

you are one of a kind.


You lack nothing that 

His grace can’t give you.


He has allowed you to be here

at this time in history

to fulfill His special purpose

for this generation.


The above copy, “Just Think”, was originally written as a card by DaySpring Co-Founder Roy Lessin in the late 1990s.  Due to its widespread popularity, “Just Think” branched out into its own product line including a series of cards, gifts and a devotional book - which is the inspiration for this study .  To learn more about DaySpring visit www.dayspring.com.