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Praying in the FireSample

Praying in the Fire

DAY 1 OF 5

Day 1: Start with Prayer!

Being a first responder wife has been nothing short of an eye-opener. I never realized until my husband became a firefighter/paramedic just how broken and hurting our world is.

For my husband to respond to rape victims, gun-shot wounds, suicide attempts, and terribly heartbreaking home situations on a “regular day at the office” is truly a punch in the gut at how desperate our world is for hope, Jesus, and a glimmer of kindness.

While I am always trying to figure out what I can do in the horrid situations he deals with, one of the biggest things I can do is pray for him, support him, and offer him grace and kindness when he is struggling with the aftermath of a terrible call.

As Christians, we are called to be a first responder of sorts. We are called to serve, pray for, witness to, and share the good news with those who are hurting. We are called to dress emotional wounds and show up, even when it is difficult.

Today, let us begin by being vulnerable before our Creator.

Let us pray for this hurting world. Let us pray that God can use our first responder spouse to bring hope to the darkest of situations. Pray that God would use us to encourage our first responder when the weight of those heart-breaking calls impacts their soul.

In this five-day study, we will pray for different aspects of being married to a first responder. Whether your spouse is a firefighter, paramedic, police officer, or dispatch worker, the biggest thing we can all glean from this lifestyle is that our families must be infused with the love and hope of Jesus.


Heavenly Father,

Please give me the courage to become a "spiritual" first responder. Please give me the courage to serve, pray for, witness to, and share the good news with those around me who are hurting. Please guide and direct me to encourage those on the frontlines, especially the love of my life. Please use my first responder to let is rain glimmers of hope and kindness everywhere he goes. Please use these devastating situations to bring salvation to the lost and hope and healing to the hurting.

In Jesus' Name,


Day 2

About this Plan

Praying in the Fire

This unique five-day devotional plan will guide first responder spouses to combat anxiety on their knees as the love of their life is running toward danger as a "normal day at the office." It will focus on some positive ...


We would like to thank Fire Wife Chronicles by Lizzy Christian for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

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