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Deliverance From EvilSample

Deliverance From Evil

DAY 1 OF 10

Deliver us from Evil

Deliverance is a fancy way of saying someone has been rescued or set free. But for a person to be truly liberated, by inference, they would have had to be previously subject to some form of imprisonment or bondage.

Thus, deliverance, in this context, is the act of emancipating someone from an oppressive regime that once kept them bound.

When we speak about God delivering His people, we are referring to when He rescues them from captivity before breaking the yoke of slavery that once kept them tied in chains.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary coined the term slavery as “forced work done in harsh conditions for no pay." In most cases, slaves were considered second-class citizens and were often mistreated by their slave masters.

While slaves were mainly exploited for free labor, the tyranny imposed on them was strategically enforced to bind their minds, hearts, and souls.

You see, to ensure an oppressed population never made any attempts to improve their situation, the people in power would dishearten them through constant physical and psychological abuse to keep them in mental bondage.

The enemy uses similar tactics to keep us in bondage today. Because of life's unpredictable nature, we become entangled in sins that keep us bound, hopeless, and in despair.

That is why the first step to deliverance is desperation: recognizing our state of oppression and crying out for help from our savior.

Over the next few days, we will explore the theme of deliverance in Exodus and discuss strategies for breaking free from bondage through the ultimate liberator: Jesus Christ.

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About this Plan

Deliverance From Evil

A desire for deliverance always stems from a hunger to break free from bondage. Learn how to cry out to God and experience true deliverance from whatever holds you back.

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