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Ruins to RestorationSample

Ruins to Restoration

DAY 1 OF 49





Hello! We are so glad that you have decided to join us in reading through the books of Ezra and

Nehemiah! Our heart over the coming weeks is that the Bible would become a part of your everyday life and routine. During this devotional, we will have Scripture for you to read alongside a

devotional two times each week to help and challenge you to live out what it is that you’re


On this very first day of the devotional, we wanted to help equip you to get the most from these

coming weeks. So, we have put together a list of tips for making your time in these books

impactful and consistent!

1.) Have a set time and a set place - Consistency is key and if you don’t intentionally plan to

read your Bible then chances are that you won’t. Pick a time and a place that you plan on getting

alone with God over these next few weeks as we go through these books. You may even turn on

some soft worship music to help you set the atmosphere to focus in on what God is saying

through His Word.

2.) Turn off all distractions - It’s hard to focus when your phone is buzzing and dinging with

notifications every few minutes. We have found that turning on the “Do Not Disturb” feature can

work wonders for your devotional time.

3.) Don’t get discouraged - Let’s all be honest, the Bible can be intimidating and hard to

understand. If you miss one day of reading, don’t feel like you’ve completely failed but instead,

start again the next day and keep moving through the devotional plan!

4.) Pick an understandable translation - We suggest using a translation that you can

understand easily so that you can receive the most during this devotional. We really like the New

Living Translation (NLT), Christian Standard Bible (CSB), English Standard Bible (ESV), and

the New International Version (NIV).

5.) Finish strong - Even if you miss a few days over the course of all the weeks of this

devotional, make a decision now that you will finish and finish strong! We are proud of you for

taking the time to get into the Word of God and believe that it will change your life forever!


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About this Plan

Ruins to Restoration

Through this seven-week journey through the books of Ezra and Nehemiah, you will experience the reality that God can take the ruins of our lives and restore them into beauty!

We would like to thank for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

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