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Feeding the HungrySample

Feeding the Hungry

DAY 1 OF 8

From studying the four gospels we come to understand the trying circumstances under which Jesus and His disciples travelled to the other side of the sea. John the Baptist had just been cruelly beheaded by Herod after a period of imprisonment and the disciples had just returned from an exhausting mission trip that involved preaching, healing, and driving out demons. Jesus wanted the disciples to come away with Him to a desolate place and to rest for a while.

We can easily get burned out by our physical labour as well as the mental and emotional stress of threats and bad news. No matter how noble our deeds and how pure our intentions, our dealings in a fallen world can leave us drained and frustrated. Jesus is inviting you to intentionally pull away from the maddening schedule of life and to come away with Him for a while so that He can revive your soul.


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Feeding the Hungry

The world is hungry. Many suffer from physical hunger and far more suffer from spiritual hunger. They are searching and running from place to place, from scheme to scheme, from activity to activity looking for fulfillmen...


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