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Single Today

DAY 1 OF 5

Singleness Is a Gift

Singleness can be a struggle. The world has lots of opinions about singleness, but for the next five days, we’re going to look at what Scripture has to say about this topic.

Because everyone is single at some point.

The young woman who has never been asked on a date.

The middle-aged man who gets blindsided by divorce.

The widow waking up in her bed by herself for the first time in decades.

Some hate it; others love it.

Some expect it; others are caught off guard by it.

Singleness is an old friend to some and an unexpected guest to others.

No matter what your story is, we all have something in common. You, me, and every other single person in the world understands that singleness is a struggle. We try to dress it up like it’s not, but it is.

Maybe you read the title of day one and thought: Gift? Really? Singleness feels like anything but a gift right now.

Fair enough. But the truth is, so many of the struggles that come along with singleness have to do with either shame from the past or worry about the future. If you can start doing the work to confront the past and surrender the future, you can begin to see how many benefits there are to being single.

When you are single, you have an immense amount of freedom that you sacrifice when you get married.

When you are single, you decide for yourself what you want to devote your time, money, and energy toward.

When you are single, you make big life decisions and pivot much faster.

Of course, there are a ton of disadvantages to being single (we all get that), but instead of merely trying to cope with the disadvantages, what if you decided to take advantage of the advantages?

It takes a lot of work to get to that point, and over the next four days, we are going to zoom in and do that work together. But for today, let's start by doubling down on the phrase: "Singleness is a gift." Make a list of three advantages your singleness provides for you.


Singleness is a gift because:




Question to Consider

The next time you get frustrated with your singleness, what is one way to remind yourself that it is a gift?

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Single Today

Ryan Wekenman has been a single pastor for over a decade. He found out how hard it can be to thrive where you are. Regrets from the past and fear of the future can make it tough to find peace in the present. This study w...


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