Diversity: Flourishing As One Body

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Diversity and unity in worship

We begin this devotional at the end. In the last book of the Bible, we find a glorious vision of the body of Christ as we will one day appear before the throne of God: every nation, tribe, people, and language united in praising our risen Lord. What a beautiful, holy image. What an incredible Savior we serve, that He revels in the diversity of His creation and longs to draw all peoples to Him!

At HOPE International, we get a brief glimpse of this glory during our annual Leadership Summit. As a nonprofit serving in 16 countries around the world, we take one week a year to gather as a global team to worship, learn, and fellowship together. We represent only a fraction of the Earth’s peoples, yet we experience the joy of lifting our voices in praise alongside brothers and sisters from Burundi, Haiti, and Ukraine, among others.

Gatherings like this remind us how varied the global Church really is: We represent different ethnicities, languages, genders, political opinions, worship styles, experiences. Yet, as we join in worship, we are united in praise of the One who is bigger than all our differences. We are invited to bring ourselves, just as we are, before the throne of the Lamb, knowing that each one of us is created in His image. As diverse as we are, each one reflects our Creator.

Reflection: How do I use my gifts, experience, and background to worship my Creator?