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Understanding the Subject of FaithSample

Understanding the Subject of Faith

DAY 1 OF 30


One of the most important tools you will need in the days ahead is FAITH. I want you to take the position of a student in the school of the Holy Spirit and master this subject. Faith is not what you get to use suddenly in a crisis situation. It is a process that is developed over time. Lack of faith means no victory (1 John 5:4). Where there is ignorance of God's word, there is defeat and where there is faith, there is victory.

Faith does not work on a last-minute situation but it keeps you from getting there. Last-minute situations require a miracle power encounter that comes in two ways: through the gifts of the spirit and the anointing on other people’s lives. By faith, you can always have a solution from God because it is centered on God’s promise. Develop your faith over time; don’t wait until last-minute crises before trying to build it.

You can work faith at will (unlike gifts of the spirit, which is as the Spirit wills). The responsibility is yours to work it out. Decide today to operate by faith. It is done by WILL. In Mark 5:25-34, the woman with the issue of blood made a decision and set a point of contact by faith to receive healing. She worked her faith at will and decided to act on the news she had heard of Jesus. Her faith made her whole. Start to work on faith today because it takes a process to develop faith tomorrow.

Prayer: Lord, show me what is lacking in my faith walk as I partake in this study. I receive a boost in my faith in Jesus name. Amen!

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Understanding the Subject of Faith

In this 30-day devotional, you will learn the vital role of faith in a Christian's journey. When you are faced with doubts and uncertainties in life, make living by faith a priority, looking to God in your challenging mo...


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