Interceding For Your City

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The precept of intercession and the power of intervention

The precept of intercession: We must not hold our peace when the elect or the children of God, the believers and when the Jews, the house of Jacob face grave threats. The Lord has raised us up to where we are for a purpose. We can use our position, our influence or our power to fulfill His purpose in our times. Esther, the Queen was wary of the consequences of entering the King’s presence without being summoned and of trying to intervene on behalf of her condemned race. But, her former guardian and foster parent Mordecai persuaded her saying that God’s will be fulfilled any way and that the Lord had raised her up to be a queen for this very purpose. Enlargement and deliverance will any way happen by the will of the Lord but if she fails to play her God-ordained role in it, she and her relatives would be killed. Yesterday, a man from Nepal who I had met more than ten years ago called in a distress situation. I spoke to the police officer concerned. Later, in the night he sent a message of thanks, saying, “ Your one word was sufficient for that problem to be resolved. I thank God for you.” We are God’s answer for many people’s questions and problems. We need to recognize that it is by the conscious decision and design of the Lord that we are who we are and we are where we are. The words,” for such a time as this” is pregnant with meaning and relevance down to our days.

We need to intercede or stand in the gap for other believers who are threatened and persecuted in different nations. When we intercede, He intervenes. The enemy will come like gushing flood waters but the Lord will hear our cry and stand like a rock barrier and break the rushing waters into many tiny streams that will peter away. Esther was rewarded instead of being punished for daring to intercede. She became at one stroke the instrument of redemption for the Jews, for exaltation of Mordecai and for the condemnation of Haman. She won and retained the favour of the king. We too through our prayers and our interventions in real time will be the instrument of redemption for some, the exaltation of some and the condemnation of the wicked. 

Written by  Prateep V Philip for Movement Day Chennai