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Preparing for MarriageSample

Preparing for Marriage

DAY 1 OF 3

Every successful marriage has three components, and I believe that the first one is commitment. In this day and age, boys are quickly becoming boyfriends and deciding to live together instead of committing to marriage.

However, there’s a certain maturity that takes place when the commitment is made not only to date someone but to take them to the altar. Many men can say, “I love you,” but when it comes to true commitment, they get cold feet.

As a man, part of your maturity is shown when you make the commitment to marry that woman.

Being ready for marriage isn't about just feeling ready or having enough stuff. It's about being mature enough to say, "I'm with you forever," and actually mean it. This means sticking together through thick and thin, not just when it's easy. It's about making a promise and keeping it, no matter what.

Commit to marriage for life. When you enter into this covenant, divorce should never be in your mind, much less in your mouth.

Remember, when you decide to make your marriage permanent, all your problems will be temporary.

Let's Pray:

Lord, I ask that you would help me understand the real meaning of commitment. Teach me and my future spouse to be serious about our commitment to each other and our commitment to serve You together for the rest of our lives. Give us the wisdom to navigate whatever may come our way.

Challenge: Take time to think about a list of the values that you wish to uphold in your future marriage, then pray into that list as time passes.

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Preparing for Marriage

What makes someone ready for marriage? Is it about what someone has or who they are? If you are currently single, I believe that God is preparing you for the person He is preparing for you. This 3-Day reading plan is des...


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