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Virtuous WomanSample

Virtuous Woman

DAY 1 OF 11


Goal: Introducing God’s Word as truth and discuss what went wrong in the garden that God created for Adam and Eve.

Biblical Character: God and Man (Adam and Eve)

Discussion Questions:

  • Look at Romans 15:4 and discuss the benefits of knowing the Word of God.
  • How is man formed and given life?
  • What provision has God made for Man?
  • How is the serpent described?
  • What is the serpent doing?
  • What is the first thing the serpent says to the woman?
  • What is Eve’s first mistake?
  • Does the serpent tell the truth? What does this tell you about the serpent?
  • What does Eve use to make her decision to eat the fruit?
  • What happens as soon as the couple eats the fruit?
  • Can man hide from God?
  • How does God respond to man’s sin?
  • Did God allow man to remain in the garden? Why not?
  • What does this story tell us about God? Sin?
  • God put Adam in the Garden to “work it and take care of it” (Gen 2:15), as an athlete what has God given you to “work…and take care of?” How do you do this with diligence?
  • Just as Adam followed God’s instructions to serve creation by tending to it, how do you follow your coach’s instructions and serve your teammates?
  • What is one thing I learned from this story that I can apply to my life today?

Core Truths:

  • God’s Word is our Truth and source of life.
  • God communicates with His people, is everywhere, and is merciful toward guilty sinners by making provision for his nakedness and shame through the shed blood of the innocent on behalf of the guilt of man.
  • The devil is a real enemy, manipulative and a liar. He seeks to destroy our lives by engaging us in disobedience.
  • Sin has serious consequences for everyone involved.

Memory Verse:

John 17:17: “Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth.”

Day 2

About this Plan

Virtuous Woman

The purpose of this study is to present key character traits using examples of women in the Bible. Alexandria McCraney is married with 3 kids, and she resides in Fayetteville, Arkansas on staff with FCA at the University...


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